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SwiftDesk provides secure, internal knowledge bases that only authorized users can access. Here's how SwiftDesk knowledge bases can be used as an internal refer
Daniel Baylis
22 January 2020

Internal knowledge bases in SwiftDesk can only be accessed by your authorized users. They keep your private information secure in a centralized location, while still being accessible to your team.

What is an internal knowledge base used for?

Internal Product & Process Information

Internal knowledge bases can be used to store private product and process information that should be not visible to customers directly.

The most typical example would be information for your customer service team to access while solving customer inquiries. This may include process steps to perform in internal systems that would have no relevance for customers directly or internal product information that should not be shared outside your business.

Internal Procedures & Policies

Internal knowledge bases can also be used to provide internal procedures and policies outside of a customer service context. For example:

  • Security processes;
  • Health & safety procedures;
  • Human resource policies and procedures;
  • Installation instructions;
  • Product specifications; or
  • Standard operating procedures.

An internal knowledge base makes sense anytime you have information that needs to be consolidated into a single consolidation for easy access by a restricted set of users.

Private Software Documentation

Knowledge bases are also a great fit for software documentation. While often this documentation is made public to help spread awareness of applications and their features, there also times when it must be kept private. This includes documentation for internal software, particularly when it provides a competitive edge that you do not wish share publicly.

Using a private knowledge base in SwiftDesk and inviting only the existing users of the application gives you all the benefits of a consolidated knowledge base without needing to make it public.

How do internal knowledge bases help my business?

Internal knowledge bases can help your business by:

  • Making it faster for customer service to locate information need for customers;
  • Making it easier to provide the most current and correct information to customers;
  • Decreasing the time to complete transactions and processes through standard operating procedures;
  • Making it faster for new employees to perform their role by consolidating all information they need to a single reference; and
  • Eliminating the cost and maintenance of internal, self-hosted solutions.

Why choose SwiftDesk for an internal knowledge base?

Here are some of the ways we think SwiftDesk stands out as a solution for your internal knowledge base:

  • A clean, simple user interface, making it easy to learn and create content;
  • Fast, reliable hosting built on Amazon Web Services;
  • The strength and reliability of a product made by 4thPortal - We've been building enterprise applications for the world's biggest brands since 2013, supporting over 75,000 users; and
  • Flat rates per knowledge base, instead of per user, offering you low, predictable pricing even if your team grows.

Features for internal knowledge bases

Some of SwiftDesk's features that most suit this use case include:

  • SSL Security
  • Encrypted Data Storage
  • Unique Logins Per User
  • Backed By Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Fast Searching
  • Machine-Learning Smart Search
  • Easy Content Editor
  • Simple User Management
  • Usage Dashboards
  • Fixed-Rate Pricing
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