Navigating SwiftDesk

Take a tour of SwiftDesk and learn where you can find all the features to enhance your customer service.
Daniel Baylis
23 January 2020

Let's take a tour of the user interface and learn how to navigate through the application.

This screenshot shows the application with all options enabled. However, only the options and features you have access to will appear, so you may find SwiftDesk looks slightly different when you log in.

Section Title

This is the name of the section of the application you are currently looking at. The current section is always highlighted in the menu on the left as well.

Short Cuts

The shortcut menu lets you create new articles, knowledge bases, portals or brands. You will only see these options if they are available to you.


The conversations view is where you see an inbox of all your conversations with customers. This makes it easy to see which conversations are open and completed, which brand they belong to, and which are assigned to you. This view updates in real-time so you'll see new conversations appear as emails arrive without having to refresh your page.

Live Chat

New live chat conversations from customers appear in this view. You can see and reply to live chats on any brand you have access to.


When you receive an email from a new address, SwiftDesk automatically creates a customer record on the associated brand. You can view a list of those customers here to access their history and details.


A portal is a way to for customers to access your knowledge base, start a live chat, or send you a message from any website. Simply configure your portal and then embed a small piece of code on your website for it to appear.

Portals not only replace the need for a contact form feature, but can enable customers to search your knowledge base directly and find answers about your product or service without ever leaving your main website.

Knowledge Bases

Knowledge bases are websites generated by SwiftDesk that you can use to distribute your process, product or service information. You can make them public to help your customers directly, or keep them internal as a private reference for your customer support team.

There are no limits on the number of knowledge bases you can create for your brands.

This option will appear if you are an admin on any knowledge base. From here, you can select a knowledge base and modify or delete it.


This option also only appears if you are an admin on a knowledge base. It shows a list of all your existing knowledge base articles, making it easy to update them.


The knowledge base dashboard analyzes the activity of each knowledge base and provides insights on the utilization, searches and content.


SwiftDesk is structured by brands. A brand represents a business or major area of your business that you want to have separate conversations, customers, user access and knowledge bases for.

There's nothing wrong with only having one brand - in fact, that is the case very often. However, you can create as many brands as you need for your team.


Here you can access a list of all your users and navigate to their profile page.


The settings view lets you view and modify your account settings - such as your preferences, name, and profile picture.

User Menu

In the user menu you can set your availability for live chat, navigate between different knowledge bases, or log out.

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