Add SwiftDesk to your website

Add SwiftDesk to your website with widgets. Give customers the option to search your knowledge base, live chat or send you a message.
Daniel Baylis
15 March 2020

SwiftDesk widgets enable your customers and visitors to search your knowledge base, start a live chat, or send you a message.

Widgets initially appear as a button in the lower right of your website, and expand to a small window when clicked.

Swiftdesk Support Widgets

Widgets are easy to create and only require you to copy and paste a short snippet of code to your website to embed.

Creating a SwiftDesk widget

You can create unlimited widgets in SwiftDesk, allowing you to select different settings to suit where it will be embedded.

Select the Widget icon from your shortcuts menu.

Swiftdesk Support Widget Icon

Enter a name for the widget.

The name is only for your reference and is not visible on the widget itself.

Select which brand the portal will belong to.

Live chats and messages received will be associated with the selected brand. The brand also determines which knowledge bases can be associated with the widget.

Enter a theme color.

Optionally enter a 3 or 6 character hex color code to set the theme color for your portal. You can use this option to ensure the portal matches your branding and suits your site.

If you are not sure what hex color codes are, or what color to use, just reach out to our support team. We'll take a look at your site and help you find a suitable color.

Optionally enable live chat.

This option allows customers to start live chats with your team via the widget when there are users assigned in and available for chat.

The chat option will not appear in the widget if there are no users logged in and available to chat.

Optionally connect a knowledge base.

If you connect a knowledge base, your customers will be able to search and view articles directly in your widget without leaving your website.

You will only be able to select from the knowledge bases that belong to the brand you have selected, and they must be public to be accessible from a widget.

When you connect a knowledge base, the widget will also appear on that knowledge base site when viewed directly.

Embedding a SwiftDesk widget

Once you have created a widget, you will see an Embed Code code. Copy this code into your website on all the pages that you want your portal to appear.

When editing your website directly, a typical best practice is to insert the code just above the closing </body> tag of your html.

If you are using a website builder such as Wordpress, there will generally be an option to add a script to your site without needing to edit any code. Please reach out to our support team if you need assistance for your specific builder.

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