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SwiftDesk Support

Help docs & FAQs for the SwiftDesk customer service platform.


Learn how to get started with the SwiftDesk customer service platform. Support your customers with email, live chat and self-service knowledge bases.
Customer Support
Provide email support to your customers with a shared inbox system designed for team collaboration and fantastic customer experiences.
Knowledge Bases
Learn about creating and customizing knowledge bases in SwiftDesk. Create branded, customer-facing or internal knowledge bases in minutes.
Here are the integrations SwiftDesk offers to boost your productivity with your favorite apps.
Account Management
Learn how to manage your SwiftDesk user account. Update your profile, set your preferences, and provide outstanding customer service.
Use Cases
Explore the main use cases for SwiftDesk and how it can help your business.
Frequently asked questions about SwiftDesk customer service software.

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User access
To respond to customer conversations, live chat, manage knowledge bases and access private ones, your customer service team will need to be users in SwiftDesk.
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